About Born to Drive Brisbane



I’m Heike Bentin-Carroll, and I was born to drive.

One of my earliest memories is of sitting on my mother’s or father’s lap as they drove the family car, keenly watching their feet work the pedals.

Now I’m the accredited driving instructor at the wheel of Born to Drive Brisbane. With over 30 years of driving experience in Australia and Germany, two decades of varied teaching experience, and affordable driving lessons, I guarantee to get you from learner to licensed driver in no time!

“My mission is to teach my students how to drive safely and confidently, now and for their future.”

Why choose a Driving School?

Learning to drive through a school is the safest and most efficient way to get your driver’s licence – not to mention the least stressful!

Learner drivers under 25 are now required to get 100 hours of driving experience before taking their test. Up to 10 hours with an accredited driving instructor makes up 30 hours in a student logbook.

Why is BORN TO DRIVE BRISBANE the right Driving School for me?

No matter what your age or experience, needs or background, I teach with care, confidence and no yelling.

  • Learner drivers of any age, from high schoolers to retirees
  • International drivers learning Australian road rules
  • Anyone seeking to update or refresh their driving skills.

I can help you become calm, confident and careful behind the wheel.

And my keen sense of humour will have you looking forward to each lesson.

What type of car do you use?

I teach in a manual transmission car. Not only does manual transmission give you more control of your vehicle, it saves you money – manuals are still cheaper to run than automatics.

What about my parents?

I encourage the parents of high school or university student learners to work with me as a team as their youngsters learn. I’m happy to keep parents informed of their child’s progress via email, phone or in person – whatever is most convenient.

And you are invited to sit in the back of the car so you can understand what I’m teaching.

Become a smart and responsible driver. Overcome any bad driving habits or fears.

Call or email today for more information or to book your first lesson.